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A fly girl born and raised in Chicago, IL. While in College, I wanted to pursue something fun and creative that could make me some money! Therefore, I decided to obtain my Nail Technician License, which lead me here. Not only do I customize really cute press on sets but I also provide nail services in Madison, WI. While thinking of my overall goal for this business, which is to give my customers & clients the look that they dream of so that they'll set the mood in any room that they walk in, I also came up with the perfect name for my establishment, SETSTHEMOOD LLC. The other half of my name, SUGABYCHE' is a name that I go by but will soon become another business that I own. I believe that self care and feeling sexy is extremely important and it has a lot to do with the way a woman keeps her nails and toes done along with a few other things. With that being said, I definitely grew to love the nail industry and I'm extremely passionate when it comes to my work, everything MUST be unique & perfect! 

                                                        XOXO, Porche' Winston

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